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Macbeth's Application

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Macbeth's Application

Post by Macbeth on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:23 am

Real life name: Clyde

Age: 20

Country/Nationality: Irish

Sex: Male

Do you have Vent/Mic: Yes for both.

How long have you been playing L2: Since C2 which is almost 5 years, I think.

Which clans have you been part of in the past: Well, this can be very long since I've been playing for a very long time. But the ones I've been in proudly was MERC which was a low rate clan. And the UnitedBrothers. I can't remember any high-rate ones, I played low rates mostly.

Last server you played on, and which clan were you in: L2-TNS, clanless.

Ingame name: Macbeth

Favorite class to play: Dominator

Which other classes can you play: Any mage class.

Where do you know Fukitol from: Nowhere, but I can simply comprehend a clan from its tag. I talked with one of you guys and seeing that he's talking gramatically great English made me fill an app.

Have you ever played with any Fukitol member, if so, who: No, not yet.

Why do you want to join Fukitol: I always believed that quality > quantity. Being a well-organised clan is the most important thing in my perspective.


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Re: Macbeth's Application

Post by Famine on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:25 am

Already accepted Macbeth ingame, since we had a good talk. Looks like a great addition to the clan!


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